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Chinese/English/Hungarian Coordinator & Interpreter
6098 Tass
2941 Ft. / óra
30-40 óra/hét

This position has been established in order to support the field engineering team’s daily activities. The position holder will be liaising in between the Chinese mid-management and the local blue collar staff in order to coordinate and monitor their daily work. Our new colleague will support the local team by echoing their voice to the higher levels in case of any ad-hoc issues, ideas occur during the field construction work. This position will also carry out the administrative work of the field engineers.

In general this position is not a classical interpreter role, however the position holder will need to speak advanced Chinese and Hungarian and possibly English, as well. It is more close to a foreman role who spends most of the time on the field and less time in the office.

The position holder will eater own a room at the company accommodations with full service (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or will commute from and to our company premises at Tass.

·         Cooperate with site technical guidance, manage and supervise site equipment and personnel to carry out work, and manage and monitor site equipment, materials, and materials.

·         Cooperate with the site command to communicate and negotiate with other personnel such as subcontractors for the smooth construction of the site.

·         Cooperate with the work of the leadership, subject to the smooth construction of the site, to carry out the necessary communication and consultation and arrangements, to report the progress of work in a timely manner, and to convey the ideas and instructions of the command exactly

·         Establish a bridge for communication and cooperation between foreign and Chinese personnel in the company to ensure smooth and error-free communication.

·         Cooperate with the General Department to carry out procurement and material collection, organize and declare lists, receipts and invoices, and cooperate with the General Department to ensure the smooth running of logistic work.

Elvárt képességek, kompetenciák:

Must have:

- Excellent command of written and spoken Hungarian,

- Excellent command of written and spoken Chinese,

- Ability to communicate complex messages clearly,

- Ability to work independently and proactively to meet deadlines,

- Ability to work in a team,

- Ability to follow up on parallel tasks.

Good to have:

- English vocabulary,

- Experience as an interpreter or translator is an asset,

- Experience in technical translation or interpretation is an asset.

Végzettség szintje: Középiskola vagy gimnázium
Angol: Középszintű
Nyelv: Tolmács
Irodai, gyakornoki, szellemi munka: Adminisztratív munka
Irodai, gyakornoki, szellemi munka: Asszisztens, irodai kisegítő
Irodai, gyakornoki, szellemi munka: Műszaki, mérnök gyakornok
Munkavégzés helye:
6098 Tass
2941 Ft/óra

Br. 2941 Ft/órától

30-40 óra/hét

H-P 09:00-17:00